Gulmarg, Kashmir Valentines Day 2009

We shot this short video on Valentines Day last winter.  Just a typical day riding in Gulmarg.  Mellow terrain, great snow, super fun.  Skiers are Simon Thompson, Dave Watson, Steve Brawn. Edited by Anthony Bonello


Nanga Parbat, Rupal face

This shot was taken by Jon Carolin while riding inbounds at Gulmarg, a ski area in Indian administered Kashmir.  The Rupal face of Nanga is the largest wall on Earth.  It is 16,000 vertical feet.


Skiing K2 video

     This is a video created by Luke Bream from the UK.  I was very flattered that he felt my project was cool enough that he wanted to create a short piece for it.  Luke runs a site called, it has got loads of info on people doing some pretty wild stuff.  Thanks Luke!


Broad Peak Camp 3 7,000 meters

Camp 3 on Broad Peak.  Masherbrum (K1) is the pyramid on the left.


Mount Everest, North Ridge  

This is camp 2 on Everest's north ridge.  Our tent was pitched at 7,800 meters.  The tents in camp 2 are scattered from 7,500 m to 7,900 m along a broad ridge of broken rock.  This camp is notoriously windy and is a great place to test a tent.  The tent we used was this Black Diamond Guiding Light.  It is a 4 person shelter that weighs only 5 pounds.  On the night we stayed at this camp the winds were in excess of 70 mph and we were afraid the tent would be shredded.  It held strong and I went on to use this tent at the high camps on Broad Peak in 2008 and on K2 in 2009.  Changtze 7,500m is the mountain close-by and Cho-Oyu 8,200m is in the background.