Everest North Face

This shot is from 2006.  It was taken at the top of the 2nd step at 8650 meters.  The traverse from the 2nd step to mushroom rock is one of the sketchiest parts of the route.  Sugar snow on tiny downsloping ledges with very old and tattered ropes.  The slabs of the upper north face look pretty mellow in this photo, but sure seem a lot steeper when your crampons are skidding around on the smooth rock at 28,000 ft. 


Everest, North Col

Sherpas working for Alex Abramov's  7 summits club


Makalu and Lhotse

Makalu (8,462m) is the world's 5th tallest mountain.  It is 14 miles east of Mount Everest.  The wall in the foreground is a small part of the South face of Lhotse (8,516m).  Lhotse is the world's 4th tallest mountain and sometimes considered a sub-peak of Everest.  Wikipedia says of the Lhotse South Wall:

Lhotse is a dramatic peak in its own right, due to its tremendous south face. This rises 3.2 km (1.98 mi) in only 2.25 km (1.4 mi) of horizontal distance, making it the steepest face of this size in the world. The south face has been the scene of many failed attempts, some notable fatalities, and very few ascents.


This photo was taken on the morning of May 11, 2006 from the summit of Everest.


Mount Everest, North Ridge

This is a shot I took in 2006.  Walking between camp 1 (7000m) and 2 (7800m) is long and slow.  The incredible North Face is towering above the whole time so the view is unbeatable.  Snow on the North ridge stops at 7500m, then some rock scrambling is required to get to camp 2.  The rest of the route to the summit is mostly rock scrambling as well, with a few harder sections up high.  The two guys in the photo are from Maine.  John Bagnulo and Bill Yeo.  Great dudes who were there with little support and put in a really great effort.  Bill turned around at 8300m because he was coughing up blood, good choice.  He was still feeling strong so he descended alone.  John joined myself and George for our summit push.  We topped out on May 11, '06, John's 36th birthday.  Imagine standing on the world's tallest point on your birthday- pretty awesome.


The best christmas gift ever!

Wouldn't it be nice.  Wow.  Granite blocs for your lawn.  A dream come true.