Sunrise on K2, Charlie Houston remembered

First light on the summit of K2.  Imagine trying to climb this in 1938.  Then going back and trying again in 1953.  These epic expeditions were a small part of this incredible guys life.


Passing of a legend, K2 pioneer, Charlie S. Houston

Photo courtesy of Alpinist magazine

Charles S Houston, 96, died last week at his home in Burlington VT.

His amazing life was full of too many extraordinary events for me to start listing.  He is a true inspiration and a legend of alpine climbing as well as medicine.   Strong work Charlie!


Laila Peak 6,000 meters

Laila Peak in Pakistan is a ski mountaineers dream come true.  It is 1 long day hike from the nearest village and offers incredible exposure and steep skiing.  The height of the peak is the source of much controversy.  It has been measured several times and is said to be anywhere from 6096 meters to as much as 6600 meters.


Summer, it was a fun one.

As summer winds down here in the Twin Cities, and the good temps for rock climbing are now here.  I thought I would put up this picture as a last shot of summer.  This little thermometer hangs in my base camp tent.  On days were there is no wind and few clouds in the sky, it can get really hot inside here.  It has gotten to 100F a few times, but this is the hottest I remember seeing it.  Outside the tent, it was maybe 50 degrees F.


The future of freeride

The future of freeriding.

First climbing walls like this, because helicopters can't fly this high.  Then slaying a spine, managing slough and ice all while being above 22,000 ft.  The realization is almost here.