Mount Everest Expedition 2004                                                           Tibet

Connecticut Everest Expedition

In 2004, Dave was taking an avalanche education course taught by his friend and mentor, Chuck Boyd.  Chuck was 2 months away from departing for an expedition to climb Mount Everest.  Dave was fascinated by the preparation, logistics and teamwork that was required for such a project.  In talking with Chuck he learned the team would consist of all Connecticut climbers, most of which Dave already knew.  

Over the next week, Chuck invited Dave to join the team.  "I was honored to be invited on to the expedition, but there was no way I could make it happen with only 2 months notice and on the wage of a ski patroller."  "I had never thought about going to Everest, but after talking with Chuck, I realized that this would be an incredible opportunity.  I had to try to make it happen.  If I try and fail, I can live with that.  If I don't try then I may regret it later."  

Less than 2 months after the initial talk with Chuck, Dave was on a plane to Nepal.

Mount Everest North Face, TibetChuck Boyd, 5 minutes away from standing on Earth's tallest point.

Dave Watson on the summit of Mount Everest. May 20, 2004

On May 20, 2004, Chuck and Dave were standing together on the top of Mount Everest in a deadly storm that took the lives of 6 climbers.  "Despite the challenging weather, we felt really good, we were up and down before we ever knew anyone was in trouble."

Dave ran down the mountain, going from the summit to advanced base camp in 5 1/2 hours.  Arriving just in time for lunch.